Doula Training in British Columbia

Douglas College now offers training and certification for birth doulas through Doula Training Canada. Registration is through Douglas College. Training and certification is through

Doula Training Canada

Doula Training Canada educates and Certifies Birth and PostPartum Doulas through a combination of in person, on line and mentoring. People who complete the doula training receive their certification.


DONA International Training and Certification

DONA International is the oldest and largest international Doula organization in North America. To find information on becoming a Certified Doula please visit the DONA website at . 

British Columbia DONA International Birth Doula Training

Birth Doula Training is taught by Kathie Lindstrom and Jalana Grant who have been the DONA International Birth Doula trainers in BC for 20 plus years

Postpartum Doula Training: DONA International

Postpartum Doula Training AJ Hadfield teaches DONA International Postpartum Doula courses throughout Western Canada.