About the Doula Services Association

We are a non-profit association promoting Birth and Postpartum Doula support for families in British Columbia, Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the role of Birth and Postpartum Doulas within BC, to provide a referral service to BC families, and to deliver continuing education to its members, health care professionals, and the public at large.

Training and Standards

All DSA doulas have completed an approved training course and are required to pursue ongoing education.  The DSA also has a strict confidentiality policy, a standardized Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice that are followed by all DSA doulas.  

For British Columbia

DSA birth and postpartum doulas are located in Vancouver, throughout the Lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island and in many other communities across British Columbia.

Referral Service

Our no-charge referral service can assist you in finding a doula to suit your needs. Please read the FAQs on the "About Doulas" page to learn more about doulas and how to find one online. Enter your due time and your postal code then you can look at the profiles of DSA approved doulas who are available in your area. If you have trouble or if you need more information, call our Referral Coordinator at 604-515-5588 or 1-877-365-5588 (toll free).

The Doulas For Aboriginal Families (Grant Program)

Please note that funding for this program has since run out. 

The Doulas for Aboriginal Families (Grant Program) is supported by the First Nations Health Authority  and administered by BC Aboriginal Association of Friendship Centers. The grant was initiated to provide doula support to First Nations/Aboriginal expectant families who would benefit from doula care. DONA International Certification or Doula Services Association (DSA) Membership on our Web Referral List (Experienced List) is required for preapproval. The DONA International Certification and DSA Web Referral List allow BCAAFC to determine that the doula agrees to a specific Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics.
The total amount of funded doula services per expectant family is $1000, and this is to be used for both postpartum doula services and birth doula services, as per the needs of the mother/family.
The families choose the right doula(s) for them. Families are welcome to self-refer to this program, and if families wish to be connected with a doula through the program the BCAAF will facilitate that as well. They can find a doula on their own, through the DONA International website or through the DSA website. Once selected, the family and the doula apply for preapproval for the compensation for doula services. The doula and the family both apply and the preapproved doula keeps track of their services provided on the forms provided. After the family gives birth both the doula and the family submit their complete paperwork.
The Doula Services Association is not directly involved in the funding or approval processes. We are a method of finding a suitable doula. Our web referral list (Experienced list) requires the birth doula to provide birth stories, a criminal record check and observation of prenatal classes. A postpartum doula is required have a criminal record check, Child and Infant CPR and Breastfeeding support training. This is all outlined on our members’ section of our website.

In BC, pregnant women are lucky to have a choice in primary care providers (Obstetrician, GP or Midwife) and our Doulas are proud to support women in *all* of their choices regarding pregnancy, birth & parenting.

Our Association is also lucky to have such a supportive relationship with Midwives in BC.