Interested in joining us?

As a volunteer-run association, we are always interested in hearing from any of our members who are interested in joining the board.  Whether you'd like to help with specific projects or would like to learn more about what it means to be a board member, please  contact us.

  • DSA members are also welcome to attend any of our monthly board meetings
In our organization, we recognize that change is constant and we welcome the opportunity
to have new members contributing to the growth of the DSA.
We look forward to hearing from YOU!

President: Kasia Machelak

Joined the DSA: January 2011

I am the mom of 3 amazing daughters ages 4-10. The birth of my first daughter in 2008, with the presence of a local midwife who had a background as a doula, inspired me to delve into the world of birth work. In 2010 I took my DONA  birth doula training at Douglas College and have been a birth doula for the past eight years. I have done most of my work through the Community Birth Program as well as attended a couple of volunteer births through the DSA. I do believe the right to a positive, supported and empowered birth is a social justice issue and believe that every woman should have access to a doula. I look forward to working with the DSA Board to shine a bright light on the positive impact doulas can make in BC. 

The President's Role:

The role of the President is to preside over all meetings of the society and of the Board and its members. The President coordinates all business and is Chief Executive Officer of the society and shall supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.


Vice President: Katrina Fortin

I had two very cool (though not necessarily easy!) birth experiences, which is part of what spurred me to become a doula. I took the DONA training in November of 2016, and have been learning ever since. It's so neat how much there is to learn about birth and motherhood, and I am excited to keep learning, and to share what I know with others. I will be taking a Childbirth Educator course starting soon, and I am excited to start teaching prenatal classes this summer. I host a monthly meetup for new and expecting moms in Cloverdale. My interests outside of motherhood and doulahood are nature (especially trees), music (listening and attempting to play), and dance (I want to learn to tango). I look forward to working with Kasia and the rest of the DSA Board to nourish this community, with social events, learning opportunities, and lots of love.

The Vice President's Role:

The Vice President's role is to assist the president in her duties.

Secretary: Brianna (Bree) Allen

Joined DSA: July 2017

Bree first moved to British Columbia to pursue her undergraduate's degree in Zoology at the University of British Columbia. Upon completing her degree in 2013, Bree's interests migrated towards the birthing community. She acquired her DONA International Birth Doula Training, DONA International Postpartum Doula Training, 18-hour breastfeeding course, and CPR-C certification in 2014. She has attended a few births as a volunteer doula and is always looking for more opportunities. Bree is continuing to work on expanding her knowledge in the birthing community and is excited to join the Doula Services Association to learn and grow as an individual and give back to the community.

The Secretary's Role:

Secretary position requires basic to intermediate knowledge of MS Office and Word and she must be willing to learn internet operations related to the position. She is responsible for conducting the correspondence of the society, keeping minutes of all meetings, and maintaining all aspects of membership relations.

Treasurer: Karsen Gradidge

Joined the DSA: March 2016

Karsen is a birth doula with a passion for all aspect of doula work.  Karsen has supported many families through the DSA volunteer doula program and by volunteering in other ways to support the birth community.  She rose to support women with challenges such as language barriers, misunderstandings about a Doulas role, and extreme postpartum depression. She brings her qualities of integrity, authenticity, and a deep love for birth work to help the DSA. 

The Treasurer's Role:

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all financially related business conducted within the DSA and report it to the DSA Board in a timely manner on a monthly basis for approval. The Treasurer should be aware of all policies that pertain to this role. The Treasurer should be well organized and diligent in keeping ledgers of DSA financial affairs.


Referral Coordinator: Rotem Zaslavski

Joined DSA: before becoming a doula!!!

Rotem courageously joined the Board of Directors as the Referral Coordinator prior to taking the doula training. In fact she was not certain about becoming a doula but wanted to support doulas after having a positive experience with her doula on the birth of her first child. Rotem and her family moved to Vancouver from Israel and promptly joined DSA! Rotem has all of the attributes that make her a fantastic Referral Coordinator such as organization, technical skills and dedication to doulas and the families they serve!

The referral coordinator is responsible for assigning volunteer birth doula referrals. She will be the main point of contact for the public and health care professionals for questions regarding doulas.

Bev Watson: Director

My name is Bev Watson and I took my DONA training at Douglas in February of 2008.  I am the mother of five children and grandmother of five children.  I have had the great privilege to support one of my daughters at each of the births of her three children.  I have not attended a lot of births but each one that I am at reminds me of what a powerful support mechanism we can be.  I look forward to being part of the DSA "Backbone". I am hopeful that our team continues to make the role of Doulas more effective and increases awareness of our function in the birth process.  I am already familiar with many of the wonderful woman who make the DSA a very special community and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

Director, Publicity and Promotions: Vacant

Director, Promotions: Janice Miles:

Joined the DSA: April 2016

Janice Miles is the mother to six kids. She is also a birth and postpartum doula, budding birth photographer and at the end of May will go to Vancouver to complete her instructor training with Gena Kirby. She is also learning about social media and taking a video challenge on how to use video to grow a business and will use these skills to help promote the DSA!