Why be a Member?

The best way for a Doula to be heard and to help make change is to be a part of a professional association. Being a member of the Doula Services Association provides new and experienced doulas a way to connect with other like minded doulas supporting families during the perinatal and postpartum period. 

Whether Doulas connect in person through small community groups, at the regular DSA member meetings or make use of the DSA members forum they will find that they are not alone in their mission to help and support families during the transitional time of childbearing.

Benefits of  Membership 

Regular General Meetings: Our meetings provide a common meeting ground to network and socialize with other Doulas. They also feature exciting speakers on topics relating to the birth and postpartum periods.

Skill and Professional Development: The DSA hosts events for their members to learn new skills such as, TENS, rebozo, and infant massage training, that will benefit them as they provide Doula support. Occasionally, we will bring in guest speakers that address a Doula's professionalism to better her communication and advocacy abilities. 

The DSA Member's Only Facebook page: This is a great place to seek guidance and ask questions of  experienced Doulas, post for back up, keep up to date on current events in the community and find out about upcoming conferences and educational opportunities.

Member's Only Section: The Member's Only Section of our website contains information on Doula groups in your communities, new Doula orientations, mentoring for new doulas, archives of past newsletters, and much more.

Volunteer Referral Services: Low income families or mothers in need can be referred by their care providers to receive a volunteer doula. This is a great way for new birth doulas to gain experience and give back to the community. 

Referral Services: We have a referral line, online referral lists, and can also link your webpage off of ours. In addition, we have a toll free number for our referral line to better serve doulas throughout the province. We do not guarantee clients through our online referral system.

Mentoring Program: Brand new Doulas have the opportunity of having phone support from an experienced Doula and receive support from her for the Doula's first births. 

Professional Presentation: Presenting yourself to clients as a member of a professional association with a Standards of Practice is important to them and membership shows your commitment to providing a professional service.

Grievance Policy: The DSA also provides members with the assistance of a formal grievance procedure. This is not only for the consumer’s benefit but for the doula as well. Doulas will receive the assistance of a mediator to resolve a grievance from a client.

Join the Doula Services Association today and get connected!